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Antonio Grano

Inspirational design and style has been an absolute joy and personal pursuit since I was young, and continued to guide...


Nicolette Laros

When I was at Fort Lewis College, I remember taking a class about business and my teacher asked us a basic question, “Are entrepreneurs Born? or Made?” Seems simple enough. No one is born with the

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Michelle von Flotow

My journey began as a young child, most likely because I was raised by a single mom and helped raise my younger sister. Under those circumstances I was forced to grow up fast. I was approximately

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Merve Yildirim

  I'm Merve Yildirim. I graduated from Yeditepe University Genetics and Bioengineering. I am currently in the last year of my PhD. I am also co-founder of Cellestetis Biotechnology. I have been working on the development

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Maya Roffler

My corporate career began at twenty-two when I was promoted to the corporate office of a major men’s fashion retailer. I had put myself through college working in the retail stores and even run more than

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Jessica Haley

Grow the people, grow the business. I remember when I was a kid watching the way my Dad could pick me up/take me home from school because he worked for himself. I remember thinking “I am

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Jaclyn Genovese

I began Spaces by Jacflash 8 years ago as a passion project. Over the years, my clientele grew, our jobs got larger and the company organically advanced into what it is today. Spaces by Jacflash now offers

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Hana Ghezzar 

With a burning passion for writing, Hana believes that words are a divine force. She has always been inclined to the profession of the written press and audiovisual. At the age of 20, she created "DZ

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Men In Business

Micheal Collura

Micheal Collura is a revolutionary in the healthcare sector, an adept an intuitive entrepreneur, he is redefining patient-care in the contemporary world. The outset of his journey Bowes In Home Care was founded by Mary Ann Bowes in

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Sushil Shamlal Wadhwa

When I founded Platinum World Grroup (yes it is spelt with an extra ‘r’) in 2002, there was no other company offering Travel as an incentive....

Johnathan Sims

Sims Global Enterprises, Inc.(SGE) is a portfolio of businesses and investments built and cultivated by mogul Johnathan “J. Sims” Sims. Growing up his father, John Sims,....

Rohit Nanda

The business was set up in 2019. We recognised that Small and Medium businesses were really struggling to grow and often through no fault of their....



Storage is defined by the preservation and maintenance of any object in its true form.  Data has assumed a significant

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